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Production Service


Many Rooms Studios offers full service audio/video recording and production. We work with companies both large and small, as well as groups and individuals. We offer a variety of recording options as well as a beautiful studio space. Our services are uniquely designed to help content creators have professional yet stunning visual /audio for any project. Whether the project is large or small, we can accommodate all your needs.

Choose a plan that's right for you



Sweet and simple for one off podcasters!

  • Filming / Recording (2 hours)

  • x2 Cinema Cameras (4K)

  • x2 Shure SM7B Mics

  • x1 Audio Mix (MP30)

  • X1 Edited episode (1080p)

  • Professional lighting



The best way to get content for the time

  • Filming / Recording (4 hours)

  • x3 Cinema Cameras (4K)

  • x3 Shure SM7B Mics

  • x2 Audio Mix (MP30)

  • X2 Edited episode (1080p)

  • Professional lighting



The perfect solution for your podcast series

  • Filming / Recording (4 hours)

  • x4 Cinema Cameras (4K)

  • x4 Shure SM7B Mics

  • x2 Audio Mix (MP30)

  • x2 Thumbnail (JPEG)

  • X2 Edited episode (4K)

  • Professional lighting

  • x6 Shorts / Reels

Take a leap and elevate your podcast today....
Which package?

Thanks for registering your interest. We will contact you shortly to discuss your podcast in more detail. We are accepting a limited amount of podcasts within our space. Please look out for our email within the next 24 hours!

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